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noun: traction

1. the action of drawing or pulling something over a surface, especially a road or track.

2. the grip of a tyre on a road or a wheel on a rail.

3. the extent to which an idea, product, etc. gains popularity or acceptance.

At Traction we do what it says on the tin. Based on years of getting our hands dirty in the market trenches, we bring commercial power to ambitious digital businesses. Operating at the intersection of technology, strategy and razor sharp execution, we give digital ventures the best possible chance to not only survive but win the markets they are in.

The ambition is always the same: Improve traction for companies and return for investors.



We live in extremely exciting times. New technologies reshape entire industries and consumption patterns are changing at lightning speeds. There has probably never been a better era for the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive and launch new digital ventures; and for incumbent market players to re-define who they are and how they bring products and services to market in new ways.

Opportunity, however, doesn’t mean it’s easy. With opportunity comes competition, and the rules of the game remain the same as when Jack Welch said:

“There are only two sources of competitive advantage: The ability to learn more about our customers faster than the competition and the ability to turn that learning into action faster than the competition”

At Traction, these words perfectly encapsulate our philosophy. In the digital era, one must both have high quality data and have the know-how and ability to act on to gain competitive advantage. Superior data without execution is meaningless; action based on arbitrary gut feelings will get you anywhere and nowhere.

That’s why we always start a customer partnership with the foundation of the house: Data collection and interpretation. This sets everything else up for success: Strategic decisions are made based on the right data which in turn is interpreted and applied for optimum business value when going to market. In the end it all boils down knowing who your most valuable users are and how to attract these at the lowest possible price. In short, make your business model work harder for you. Improved margins can be re-invested into acquiring more users (gain market share) which in turn makes digital businesses grow and scale faster. Easy to understand, hard to master – but the one’s that do are the winners.

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Mikkel Vejlgaard

Marketing, Sales and Leadership background. Former MD of Sportingbet Nordic and CMO of MovieStarPlanet, growing both into DKK 250m+ in ann. revenue. Also Angel Investor and Board Member.


Martin Fyrst

11+ years of international CMO experience from leading dating and expat companies Be2 and Internations. Expert in digital service & products. Lecturer on bachelor level within marketing.



Jacob Holm Associated partner

With several years from Google under his belt, Jacob is our expert on digital marketing execution. Curiously also has served at Manchester United as well (though thankfully not as a player, but in their marketing department)

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Michael Vejlgård
Associated partner

Michael craves Excel slightly more than oxygen so he’s our man when it comes to data applicability and number crunching. Accountancy background and 10+ years of CFO experience in the fashion industry.


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We admit it, we love analogies that underpin our way of thinking. And the worst thing is; we invent them ourselves so no bottom threshold for corniness!

It’s like sailing around the world without a nautical map
— On executing without data
Even Lewis Hamilton can’t win a Grand Prix in a soapbox
— on trying to execute with an inferior data setup
Growth marketing is a Craft - skills, the right tools, experience and hard work. Not a magic button!
— on the concept of growth hacking
Scaling is not something you talk about, it’s something you do!

— on being data ready from the word go


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